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BlackChiliGoat Studio

Based in Madrid, SPAIN.

Founded in July 23, 2018.

BlackChiliGoat Studio is a spanish indie studio based in Madrid, currently developing TAPE: Unveil the Memories in collaboration with Sony PlayStation and the PlayStation Talents Program.


Our objective is to make videogames with innovative mechanics and a deep narrative.


We make games, we tell stories.


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BlackChiliGoat is an indie studio founded in 2018 by José Massa and Miguel Alfaro, two students from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Our studio was formed around our first game, TAPE: Unveil the Memories, with the objective of finishing it and starting a new indie studio in Madrid.

TAPE: Unveil the Memories


TAPE: Unveil the Memories.

Scheduled for 2020.


Paseo de la Chopera, 14

Matadero de Madrid

28045, Madrid, SPAIN.

Winner of the Most Innovative Game Award at the PlayStation Awards 2017 in Spain, our team begin to develop TAPE as it is known today inside the PlayStation Talents Program, an initiative made by Sony Iberia and PlayStation España to help starting indie studios.


TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a puzzle thriller about Iria, a girl with a special camera capable of affect time, who need to explore her past to unveil what happened to her lost father. Using this camera, you can see things hidden to the naked eye, and find special objetcs that can be rewind, fast-forward or pause in time. Using the camera with this objects you can fast-forward to fill the tape inside the camera, or rewind them using the stored time. This time management mechanic pairs with a deep narrative that will guide you through the turbulent events that marked Iria's youth.


Right Now

Now we are focused on finishing TAPE while looking for investors and partners for our company while establishing a fanbase in the horror and narrative audience interested in our vision of games.


Alpha Trailer

Our Alpha Trailer, showing the main mechanics, the real footage videos and the enemy of the game. You can download it here: TAPE Alpha Trailer

Gameplay Footage

Alpha gameplay footage, recorded by AlphaBetaGamer.

Interview to the games in the PlayStation Talents Program

Interview in spanish about game development, runned by Spursito, at the PlayStation Talents facilities in Madrid, featuring Jose Massa.

Presentation Video for the PlayStation Talents Program

Presentation video in spanish of our game, made by our team at the PlayStation Talents facilities, featuring Jose Massa, Toni Alarcón, Pau Rodríguez-Tembleco, Sara Martín and Jesús Vetia.



Awards & Recognition

"Most Innovative Game Award" - PlayStation Talents Awards 2017

"Best Game" - DEV CONTACT 2018

"Best Elevator Pitch" - Guerrilla Game Festival 2019

TEAm & Collaborators

José Massa - CEO. Producer. Creative Director. Narrative Designer.

Miguel Ángel Alfaro Lavín - CTO. Programmer. Technical Designer. Game Designer.

Laura Torres de Lucas - Lead Artist. 3d Generalist. Level Artist.

Pablo "Pau the Player" Rodríguez-Tembleco - Sound Designer. Composer. Game Designer.

Antonio Alarcón Mesquida  - Game Designer. Technical Artist. Technical Designer.

Andrea Plaza - Marketing & Community Management.

Álvaro Espinosa Marlasca - Programmer.

Carlos Orueta Moreno - Programmer.

Jesús Vetia Gutierrez - Texture Artist. 2D Artist.

Sara Martín Polo - Concept Artist. 3D Artist. 2D Artist. Texture Artist.

Daniel Rodrigo Solanas - Animation Artist.

Sergio Moreno Vela - 3D Artist. Texture Artist.

Carlos Montero Cabello - 3D Artist.

Lucía Carracedo López - Concept Artist. Texture Artist. 2D Artist.

Elena Muñoz Benítez - Concept Artist. 2D Artist.

Mercedes Tirado Frías - Texture Artist.

Raul "Ruly" Hernández - Testing & Q/A.

Alberto Sánchez Temprado - Game Designer.

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